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Outdoor LED Driver

This range of Outdoor LED Drivers has been designed as per international norms. Available with standard IP protection rating, these LED products come with warranty period. This product range has gone through full load burn-in test.

Indoor LED Driver

This array of Indoor LED Drivers ensures to offer flicker free smooth light without any interruption. High operating efficiency, ability to work under low voltage condition and reasonable price are some of the key aspects of this product range.

LED Solar Drivers have significant role in regulating current flow in LED lights. Available in different capacity based choices, this product range is instrumental in smooth running of LEDs even under low voltage condition.

Automatic On-Off light Controller

Automatic On-Off light Controllers are used for LEDs and fluorescent lights of public places to save electricity. These sensor based light controllers manage on and off functions of lights on the basis of the availability of natural light.

Surge Protection Device

This array of 20KVA SPDs serves as reliable option to protect voltage. Such devices come in handy for limiting transient over voltage of surrounding environment and transfer the voltage to the earth to control over voltage up to a specific value which is non-hazardous.

Mobile Charger

This range of Mobile Chargers is well known for its fast and stable charging method, long life span and standard safety features. Available in different charging capacity based options, these mobile recharging solutions are durable and cost effective.


Adapters are used as reliable external power supply solutions for home appliances and electrical devices that have no power source of their own. These are suitable to deal with unstable voltage and electrical surge.

Camera Power Supply

Camera power supplies are accessible in 8 channel and 4 channel supporting facilities. This product range is completely protected against over current, over voltage, electrical surge and over temperature. Moreover, these can operate under low voltage condition.